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Bruschetta Martini – TGIF

A few weekends ago – after a bottle of wine – a new friend and I dipped into her 40 of Vodka. We were discussing martinis and flavours we’d love to see in one and the Bruschetta was born. Maybe it’s been done before…  if it has I’ve never seen or tasted it. So we made one. It was awesome!! Seriously. If you like a savory or dirty martini give this baby a go…


3 small cherry tomatoes
3 basil leaves
red onion (optional)
2 ounces of Vodka
balsamic vinegar reduction
tomato and basil for garnish

I didn’t have the balsamic reduction so I used regular balsamic vinegar and rimmed it with salt. I do prefer the reduction with no salt.

Chop tomatoes and basil and onion (only if you like a little heat) and vodka and place in your shaker with lots ice. Shake it WELL. The shaking will muddle up the basil and tomatoes – giving the drink the Bruschetta flavour.  Rim glass with vinegar and salt or just balsamic reduction.

Pour into martini glass and garnish with tomato and basil.

Drink and enjoy! Yum!



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