About the Cook

My single days were spent roaming the aisles looking for tasty combinations to throw together for friends over a few glasses of wine, good conversation and late nights. Then I had a child. A wonderful child. The supermarket hasn’t called my name in a long time.

I’ve fallen in love with taking pictures of food… and to take pictures of food you must first make it. Never been one for textbooks or cookbooks – but I LOVE pictures, it’s how I remember things. Give me the ingredients and a step by step pictorial of what I should do and how it should look and I’ll never forget it. By no means do I have fancy equipment. My pots and pans are old and have remnants of things that will never come off.  The name “The Best I Ever Had” comes from my hubby… everytime I make something new I ask him what he thinks and he says… “It’s the best I ever had!”. You don’t need the best to make the best is what I’ve figured out. I’m guessing I’m not the only one like me out there when it comes to cooking, so I thought I would impart a few dishes that make me and my family happy. Enjoy. *d