Best Vegan Vegetarian Spring Rolls Ever

Everybody knows that a good Canadian house party happens in the kitchen. The filling for these easy spring rolls can be made ahead of time and then rolled and fried up fresh for surrounding friends when it’s time for food. It’s fun to watch these being made… a mini cooking show in your kitchen.

I made these the other day for my pal Melissa and her husband Jason. I’d never made spring rolls before but needed something to compliment my vegan Pho. I scoured the Internets for a recipe, but couldn’t find one that worked. So I decided to combine around 4 recipes (less the meat) and came up with this tasty little roll. I’m not even joking when I say I think these are the best rolls I have ever had. My sister came over today to have me show her how to make them. I had fried up a few the other night at Christmas dinner for an appy and Trin was found hiding in the kitchen eating them. “SOOO GOOD – RIGHT!?” Be sure to get the proper wrappers if you are going vegan. You don’t want egg roll wrappers. BTW this will make around 15 rolls…

Best Vegan Vegetarian Spring Rolls Ever

3 tablespoons mushroom sauce (vegetarian oyster sauce)
2 tablespoons light soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil (optional)
1/2 bag of dried Shiitake mushrooms chopped
1 cup bean threads
1 medium carrot shredded
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons ginger finely grated
1/2 cup scallions or green onion minced
Fresh cracked pepper
24 pack of spring roll wrappers
2 tablespoons of flour
corn or canola oil for frying

Submerge the dry mushrooms in water and soak for 2 hours. Squeeze out the water and remove stems and slice the mushrooms thin. Keep a little bit of the water for cooking later.

Soak the bean thread noodles for around 10 minutes in room temperature water until soft. Remove them from water and cut them into a 2 – 3 inch length.

In a medium size frying pan on medium low heat add a few tablespoons of oil. Add minced garlic, saute for a a minute and then add the ginger. Continue to cook for a few minutes on low heat. Turn heat up to to medium and add chopped mushrooms, mushroom sauce, soy sauce and a little fresh pepper and cook for around 5 minutes. Add some of the reserved mushroom water if it starts getting dry.

Remove from the heat and combine with the noodles, sesame oil, shredded carrots and diced scallions.

Set aside and prepare your wrappers. Mix 2 tablespoons of flour with enough water to form a paste – runny like white glue. Carefully peel off a few of the spring roll wrappers and lay them out. Apply flour glue as shown.

Add around 2 tablespoons of filling. Wrap up tightly as show and set on a plate covered with a damp towel.

Heat oil to 350-365°F. You should have 1.5 inches of oil in your pot (you don’t want it crazy hot, popping and splashing. If you put a drop of water in the pot it should sizzle around it). I use a smaller pot and do them in small batches to save on the oil.

Continuously turn in the beginning to be sure they don’t stick to the pot. They take around 4 to 5 minutes to cook.

Remove from pot and place on an old paper bag or cookie cooling rack to drain off the oil (don’t use paper towel as it will make them soggy). They stay pretty hot for a long time!

These are great dipped in Thai sweet chili sauce or plum sauce. Up to you! Also wrapping them in a fresh piece of salad with some basil or cilantro – YUM.

I tried freezing them (and they did OK) but if you plan to, flash freeze them. Place on a cookie sheet apart from each other, and after they have frozen then wrap well in cellophane to freeze.



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2 responses to “Best Vegan Vegetarian Spring Rolls Ever

  1. Gd these were good. Truly the best I’ve ever had!!

  2. Alexandra Berryman

    These were very tasty!!!! I would like to try them again Dalyn when I am not having Christmas dinner to attend to. I loved the sauce for them!

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