Banana Tarte

I had my old pal Chris over the other night and I decided to try this recipe out for dessert. It is originally from Jamie Oliver (whom I love) but I halved the recipe an added a little nutmeg. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I am new to using puff pastry (the frozen stuff from the store) but it is SO EASY to use. Do NOT be afraid. Make this… it’s so easy and tastes amazing.

Banana Tarte


5 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of butter
3 bananas sliced
pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg
1/2 pack of Tenderflake puff pastry (around 200g)
1/2 orange zest
flour for dusting

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees.
IF you remember – take puff pastry out and let it thaw well in advance. You also want to keep it cold. I have had great success with popping it in the microwave on defrost for like 15 seconds (maybe more depending on your microwave) and then popping it back into the freezer to firm up again before rolling it out).

On medium heat in a cast iron skillet melt butter and add sugar.

Let it sit until it goes golden brown and caramelized (5 mins and I gently stirred mine every minute).

Once done remove from heat, arrange sliced bananas and sprinkle with spices and orange zest.

Roll out cold puff pastry on a floured surface. Make it as round as you can and around an inch bigger than the pan. Lay over top and then tuck in edges. Try to get a bit of them under the bananas. Poke a few holes in the top and slide into the over for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from the oven and as SOON as possible grab a big enough plate, place over the top (with oven mits on) and flip the tarte onto the plate. If it sticks a bit you may have waited to long. Just pry off the bananas and rearange them back onto the tarte.

Serve with vanilla ice cream and another glass of whatever it is your having…



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2 responses to “Banana Tarte

  1. Wow. Reminds me of fried bananas for dessert in CUBA. Sigh……

  2. Alexandra Berryman

    That does look amazing!! Yummy!

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