Oven Roasted Chicken – Chicken Dinner Twice But Different Part 1

In a quest for cheaper dinners that can possibly have the ingredients leftover for another meal the next day I decided to roast up an whole chicken. I’ve never had the need for an entire chicken with there just being Zoltan and I to eat it, but with the 2nd child arriving any day now i figured I might as well start honing my family dinner skills for the future. So this post is for part 1 of “Chicken Dinner Twice But Different”. I used a bunt cake pan to prop up my chicken so it had an all over crispy brown skin and boy! did it ever work out perfectly! What a great way to put my much under used cake pan to good use. This was easy and so so tasty. All you need is a chicken, salt and pepper, instant gravy mix, butter and an oven! Give it a go? Two perfect side dishes for this chicken can be found here… Potatoes Dauphinoise and Creamy Coleslaw. And part 2 can be found here.

Oven Roasted Chicken
Serves 6+


One medium whole chicken
1/4 cup of butter melted
salt and pepper
Chicken gravy mix packet

Preheat oven to 500 degrees F.
Remove an giblets from the inside of the chicken. Rinse well and pat dry with paper towel. Be sure to keep your hands and sink sanitized after handling the chicken. Salt the outside of the chicken well, being sure to get in and under all the wings and legs. Add pepper and give it a nice rub.

Prop the chicken up in the bunt cake pan (I propped in some small glass bowls I had to keep it from rolling to the sides) and then baste with butter. Add around a tablespoon of the gravy powder to the remaining butter and baste chicken again. Place bunt cake pan on a cookie sheet and pop it into the oven (lower your rack a bit). Immediately reduce heat to 350 degrees F and cook for 1.5 hours  or until an internal thermometer registers 165° when jabbed into the deepest part of the leg. I pulled it out half way and then again around 10 minutes before it was done cooking and basted it with the drippings.

Doesn’t it look amazing!? Remove from the oven and let the meat rest for around 10 minutes before carving it up. As there were just two of us, we only ate the legs and thighs, leaving me with the breasts and other bits for our Part 2 chicken dinner. Save your pan drippings for the Part 2 dinner.

Mix up the remaining gravy powder according to the package instructions (less a little water) for a dipping sauce and serve with your choice of sides. I made Potatoes Dauphinoise and Creamy Coleslaw and the combo was delicious!!


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