Black Bean Soup – From Swap Meat

I’m a big lover of soup in the winter months. You can make a big batch and freeze the leftovers for a tired night after work or for those days you just don’t feel like cooking. A good friend of mine that I work with also has a food blog . Melissa is doing her best to create tasty dishes that are vegan, wheat and soy free. She posted this soup the other day and I decide to give it a try tonight. It was super delicious.

The only thing I changed was adding some oregano and chili powder, grated cheese and real sour cream. It was quick and easy and perfect for two people. Check out the recipe here



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4 responses to “Black Bean Soup – From Swap Meat

  1. Whoa that real cheese looks good. Chili powder would taste super delish.

  2. Gareth

    If I was going to alter any of Melissa’s recipes, I’d be sure to add four live cats and an arthiritic daschund, with a large pinch of spite.

    I’d also not make this recipe and feed it to any actual people, and, indeed, hope they’d starve as a result of their errant straying from the dogma. Instead, I’d pour it away freely to my piscean friends in the river, and my rodent friends in the sewers, in the name of authenticity.

    • Gareth

      …. aaaaaaand, I have the horrible feeling re-reading the original post that we might not be talking about the same Melissa. Whoops. Sorry.

      Apologies to you and all the other Melissas in the world who aren’t *that* Melissa.

      Your soup looks wonderful!


  3. Gareth – DIFFERENT MELISSA. hahahahah!!!!!

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