Roasted Onion & Garlic Parmesan Pizza

Have a date or important meeting tomorrow? Then DON’T make this pizza.
I’m getting into the swing of things now that we are all moved in, and by swing of things I mean something for dinner other than whatever noodle with sauce concoction I can squeeze out of my dwindling pantry supply. I’m a huge Napoletana style pizza fan. I love a thin crunchy crust with a minimal amount of choice ingredients. I’m not a fan of 2 inches of cheese hiding the flavor of crappy pepperoni on a 3 inch thick doughy crust (UNLESS I’m hungover – that’s a whole other taste profile). This pizza topping combo is easy to make and all ingredients can be prepared earlier in the day if you plan to make it for dinner. You of course need some time for your dough to rise, so keep that in mind. Please check out my easy easy pizza dough here. Double or triple the recipe depending on how many pies you want.

Roasted Onion & Garlic Parmesan Pizza
2 Medium Thin-Crust Pizzas


2 large yellow onions
1 bulb of garlic
Parmesan cheese (the real stuff)
Olive oil or Garlic Con Fit
Red pepper flakes
Salt n’ pepper
Arugula (optional)

Follow pizza dough directions here.
Heat oven to 425 degrees. If you have a pizza stone let it heat up for at least 10 minutes. Cut onions in half and chop the top off of the garlic bulb.





On a cookie sheet drizzle both with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Turn onions chopped side down, leave garlic chopped side up. Place in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes. You’re house will smell amazing! Remove and let cool.

Squeeze garlic cloves out of their casings and crush/smear them with a knife. Chop onions into bite sized pieces and set aside.

Roll out dough. Place dough on parchment paper with a light dusting of cornmeal. Brush entire crust with olive oil or garlic con fit. Smear the roasted garlic onto the crust and lightly sprinkle some of the cheese.

Add onions and oregano. Top with finely grated cheese, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper.

Bake for 8 – 10 minutes or until you have the desired browning you like. The crust will be cracker like and crispy around the edges.

Top with arugula and drizzle with olive oil – and then? Enjoy! … … warning!!! do NOT go on a date the next day.



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13 responses to “Roasted Onion & Garlic Parmesan Pizza

  1. Jess

    Where did you get all of these awesome pics?

  2. Alexandra Berryman

    That looks awesome! This pizza you just posted looks like one I had at the Eldorada Hotel in Kelowna it was to die for the carmalized onions. Ooooohh they were amazing. Love thin crust pizza. I like that there isn’t much cheese, with me not being able to have mik products Bummer!

  3. Ginger Vitis

    Mmmm, looks yummy. I might add some thinly sliced bacon.

  4. Prosciutto would be awesome…

  5. Ginger Vitis

    Nope, BACON!

  6. what pizza crusts did you use? I’m looking for a good thin crust recipe that I can convert to spelt. Is this one commercial? is it vegan?

  7. This is the recipe I use…
    I just found this one the other day and I’m going to try it. I went and got the 00 flour for it as well…

  8. I’m always looking for the perfect pizza dough recipe. Mine always turns out like pastry for some reason, strange! Yours looks super crispy and I love the minimal topping. Glad to have found your blog through front page of Foodpress, congrats!!

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  10. Kathy

    Wow, it’s beautiful!

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