Blossoms, Beef & Babes

Well folks, spring has been in the air here in Vancouver for around a month now. My nose itches with constant allergies, but the beautiful flowers and growing grass are a pretty decent exchange.

I dug through my fridge yesterday, pushing through the ridiculous amount of condiments and sauces (it’s a bit of a problem, I may need an intervention at some point) to try to rummage up lunch for Z and i. Ah yes! Of course! the other nights leftover beef pot roast. I got on the phone and asked Z to pick up some super fresh Portuguese buns. I cracked open a packet of cheap instant gravy (the kind that you’d get at a roadside diner), sliced up the beef and heated it up in the gravy till it was all soft and hot. Mayo and a bit of horseradish if you have it and slop on the beef! Garnish with dill pickles and a few napkins! Mmm good!

While eating lunch the living room where our daughter was playing became very quiet. I crept in to find her zonked out. I guess the view from our big window put her in full relax mode.


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